Talent Platform

In order to help more young people become available to enterprises, Mizuda has established a number of skill master studios and built a number of sustainable platforms for technological innovation. By means of product development, process improvement, and process reengineering, Mizuda has promoted effective combination of production, learning and research.

Since its establishment, there have been more than 400 academicians, doctors, masters, and undergraduates in professional and technical positions and management positions, accounting for 60% of the total. Our company has more than 100 people with various professional titles, and nearly 100 employees raise their management level through the title channel every year.

Thereby the seamless integration of intellectual achievements and industrial resources has been promoted. Since 2017, 48 new environmental patents have been added, including 6 invention patents. Up to now, Mizuda Group has possessed 105 patents, including 17 invention patents.

  • 400

    academicians, doctors, masters, and undergraduates

  • 48

    new environmental patents

  • 105

    Mizuda Group has possessed 105 patent

Mizuda School of Management

Opened to employees in 2016, Mizuda School of Management is the starting point for Mizuda to achieve e-Education. The establishment of Mizuda School of Management can provide more learning space for the improvement of employees’ professional quality and skills. Combined with the employee training program, Mizuda School of Management can achieve individualized course selection so as to maximize the effectiveness of the course.

Convenient and efficient network-based training mode enables employees with different knowledge backgrounds and work experience to be unified at a relatively consistent level of knowledge and skills and to develop their potential in their respective positions. It is also conducive to the formation of a healthy and unified corporate culture within the enterprise, which enhances the cohesiveness of the enterprise and creates a good foundation and platform for building a learning organization.

Since the start of Mizuda School of Management, the training has covered more than 80% of the company’s employees. The group company and its subordinate industries have completed up to 6.05 hours of training per capita, and the middle & senior management personnel have been trained for more than 16 hours. The training satisfaction rate is as high as 97%.

Skill Master Studio

Since 2013, the Group has paid more and more attention to the cultivation of skilled talents in various industries. In the fields of biological medicine, printing and dyeing textile, environmental protection and other industries, we have established a number of master studios such as “Ao Lingling Skill Master Studio”, “Li Xiangbo Skill Master Studio”, “Xiao Yefeng Master Studio”, and “Chen Guoqiang Master Studio”. More than 400 senior talents have been cultivated in the two skill master studios, which have provided a good internal training platform for the quality improvement and structural optimization of the skilled talent team. At the same time, we closely focus on the company’s skill master studio platform, improve the internal training, promotion and incentive system, which creates a benign and sustainable soft environment for the cultivation of skilled talents.