Mizuda Group “five colors” Party building promotes the sound development of the enterprise

The Party Committee of Mizuda Group has persisted in propelling corporate innovation and development through Party building. It always takes multiple measures at the same time to vigorously expand organizational coverage, develop team and cultivate brand so as to make Party members give play to their vanguard and exemplary role. The committee has created the “five colors” Party building method, effectively promoting the inclusion of “Two Studies and One Action” (study the Party constitution and Party regulations, study its speech series, be a qualified Party member) study and education in regular schedule and scheme, contributing to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. It has been rated as the advanced enterprise of Huzhou for “excellence in Party building and development”, “Five-Star Party Unit” of Huzhou, and advanced grassroots Party unit of Huzhou, among others.

  • “Red” education leads the way

  • “Green” environmental protection brings harmony

  • “Orange” care warms the hearts

  • “Yellow” warning ensures safety

  • “Blue” vitality drives development

  • It involves establishing “Red Collar School” to share teachers and courses for red education towards Party members and staff members, with the support of Mizuda Group Management School and in combination with the inclusion of “Two Studies and One Action” study and education in regular schedule and scheme; under the program of “Red Collar College”, arranging one theme and once course each month on the basis of the Thematic Party Day, hiring internal teachers and inviting external teachers for strengthening the teacher team and detailing curriculum design, attaching importance to listening to the opinions and suggestions of Party members and staff members and seeking grassroots themes so as to fuel the growth of Party members and staff members in positions of technology R&D, production and management.
  • It relates to enriching the cultural content of Party building of the group; raising awareness of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”; implementing the project environmental responsibility system, with backbone party members taking the lead, the responsibilities of each person identified, and key projects undertaken by Party members so as to guide the enterprise and staff members to focus more on energy conservation and efficiency which facilitates green and sustainable development of the enterprise. In addition, the 15-person Party volunteer publicity team regularly carries out publicity and education on ecological culture, striving to be an environmental guardian, and conduct voluntary activities such as “Garbage Sorting Starts with Me” and “Voluntary Tree Planting for a Green Home” to build a harmonious relationship with the environment.
  • Depending on the charity supermarkets, the Party committee has taken vigorous efforts to advance the “Orange Care” actions under the principle of cultivating, guiding and inspiring people. It has launched a series of caring activities, and organized 8 volunteer service teams and Party volunteer teams to carry out “Donation Day”, “Hearty Donation for Growth”, poverty alleviation, and other activities. This year, more than 1,000 pieces of clothing and over 40,000 yuan were donated, effectively enhancing the Party members’ sense of purpose and service awareness. In addition, with the support of the labor union, the youth league committee and other forces, the committee has strived to enrich the after-hours cultural life of Party members and staff members by carrying out a series of staff member care activities themed “Build a Beautiful Home Together”, greatly improving the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the staff members and Party members.
  • Taking the construction of Party conduct and clean management as a key work of Party building, the Party committee, highlighting the “Four Virtues” (social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, personal morality) education, has formulated the “Ten Rules for Enterprise Reception” and other policies, has carried out “Yellow Warning” action, and has signed incorruption commitment with Party members and management. Under the principle of advance intervention, prevention first, and warning first, the committee has organized warning education activities including the work style and clean construction conference of the group to introduce the work style of integrity and incorruption in daily work and study of Party members and staff members, which creates the atmosphere of hard work, catching-up, steadfastness and entrepreneurship.
  • The Party committee focuses on building a Party expert studio for training of talents, further implements “1511” Party talent project, and introduces “one show, one contact, three commitments and three competes” policy (show identity of Party member, contact for job responsibilities, make commitment, fulfill commitment and assess commitment, compete in study and work style, compete in results of action, and compete in achievements); through “trilogy” (“establishing work system”, “arranging tasks” and “building platforms”) of training Party talents, “forces” Party members to work hard and grow in the forefront of production, scientific research and management, and truly play their role of “pacesetters”; organizes “Golden Ideas” collection and other activities to facilitate the enterprise in transformation and development so that the Mizuda could soar in the blue sky like an eagle.